1. Introducing dns-blackhole

    So the other day I wanted to remove ads on my Android phone, but apparently you can't install extensions on Android chromium and I didn't feel like using Firefox for that.
    Since I use non …

  2. devops REX 2016

    devops REX 2016

    Corrected slides are available on slideshare

  3. Hope that we get in touch again next year :)

  4. Git replication: Part 2 - Now you can scale

    In my Part 1 - which I know is already more than a year old now - we saw that we could make it very …

  5. New Alpine Linux repository, EL6 repositories discontinued

    I've decided to start a new Alpine Linux repository, mainly to support latest Grsecurity with options that are disabled in defaut Alpine's kernel configuration.
    All sources and configurations can be found in their dedicated git …

  6. Kickstart: Securely save your Rudder/CFEngine's agent keys during installation

    Reinstalling a server, be it for testing or upgrade, I'm sure you've had the need to.
    If you use Rudder/CFEngine, you know you need to take care of those little agent keys if you …