1. Unbound update - Now with pythonmodule!

    Unbound latest version - 1.4.22
    Notable differences:

    • Doesn't depend on ldns anymore - yum -y update unbound && yum -y remove ldns
    • Built with pythonmodule support

    Init script will populate chroot with your python2.6 directory …

  2. Nginx update

    Nginx latest stable version - 1.4.6

    As usual, contact me if you encounter any issues.

  3. EL6 Extras update

    Keeping up with non up to date packages. Please find latest version 2.68 of dnsmasq

    As usual, contact me if you encounter any issues.

  4. EL6 Extras additions and Grsecurity kernels

    El6 Extras

    • Updates:
      • Nginx 1.4.5
    • Additions:
      • Exim 4.82
      • Libgsasl 1.8.0 - needed by exim
      • Unbound 1.4.21
      • Ldns 1.6.17 - needed by unbound

    The usual, Full RELRO, PIE, no …

  5. EL6 Extras package additions

    I forgot to port my old tmux package over the new EL6 Extras repo, so here comes the addition.

    Please note that i updated it to version 1.8 which now requires the use of …

  6. Nginx package update

    I guess you've heard about CVE-2013-4547, so here's version 1.4.4 of Nginx.
    As usual it's available directly from my EL6 extras repository and you'll have to use the GPG public key to verify …