EL6 Extras updates and new packages

A bunch of new packages/versions:

  • Nginx - 1.6.2
    • latest stable version fixing CVE-2014-3616
  • Uwsgi - 2.0.6
    • New modular build with multiple language support
      • Lua 5.1 - lua plugin
      • Python 2.6 - python plugin
      • Python 2.7 - python27 plugin
      • Python 2.6 - python33 plugin
      • PHP 5.3 - php plugin
      • PHP 5.4 - php54 plugin please see below
      • CGI is now a plugin as well
        Python 2.7 and 3.3 requires that you enable the software collections repository
        Next version will contain init script and perl support
  • PHP 5.4 - 5.4.16-116
    • Include mcrypt module
    • Include -embedded package
      I was kinda pissed off by RH purposely removing the support of PHP embedded library in their software collections versions, as well as still not supporting mcrypt module, so i just rebuilded it with a higher release number (+100).
      You still need to enable software collections repository for php54-php-pear* dependancies.
  • Libmcrypt - 2.5.8
    Basically a rebuild of PUIAS SRPM

As usual, i'm dogfooding all my packages, but it may happen that i miss a bug on an option or something, so contact me if you encounter any issues.