Grsecurity update - 3.14.33-100

  • 3.14.33-100
    • Update to grsecurity-3.0-3.14.33-201502181906
    • Upgrade to devtoolset 3 with GCC 4.9.1
    • Add overlayfs patch from openwrt
    • Include kernel config in tarball Diff from the previous version on my Git repo

The biggest change is actually how I now handle the branches for package tagging on the Git repo.
Up until now package tagging couldn't reflect any configuration change and the overrall numbering was then not so consistent. I'm now adding a branch -coredumb wich contains modifications on top of the Grsecurity patchset - Like overlayfs patch addition - as well as the full kernel configuration. All package tags will now be based on a -coredumb branch.


At least on some servers - CPU related ? - pcid detection is still broken...

As usual RPMs are available using the YUM repository, and don't hesitate to contact me if you find any issue.