Grsecurity update to new stable kernel

It's here!! Grsecurity finally chose Kernel 3.14 as the new stable kernel.
I know i could have updated the 3.2 branch while waiting, but i secretely hopped for the decision to come sooner ;)

Here's the changelog compared to my latest 3.2 kernel.

  • 3.14.8-100
    • Update to devtoolset 2 with GCC 4.8
    • Don't apply grsecurity patch anymore use tagged archives
    • Force dracut's detection of virtio_blk module - see bug

Yes, aside the version, the biggest change is the way i will now handle kernel archives.
I'll now track all the Grsecurity patches in separate branches in my Git repo. This makes packaging easier, aswell as comparing patch versions.
I'm still thinking of doing a repo containing all my RPM spec files to make your life easier, just have to find the correct way to have something nice and well sorted.

As usual RPMs are available using the YUM repository, and don't hsitate to contact me if you find any issue.