Grsecurity updates

I've been quite busy during December with holidays and all, so here's my attempt to keep up with up to date grsecurity patches.

  • Stable 3.2.54 kernel
  • Test 3.12.8 kernel
  • Gradm 201401231926
  • spl/zfs Ryao's gentoo-next branch

Ryao is one of the main zfsonlinux developpers which is also maintaining Gentoo's ZFS port with hardened profile in mind. Switching to Ryao's gentoo-next branch thus makes more sense as Ryao tightly follows Grsecurity changes that could break ZFS.
These new ZFS packages are fixing the failed user helper error introduced by the new restrictions in Grsecurity 3.0. It still doesn't fix the ZFS snapshot automount functionnality though, but i did report it to Ryao and hope to be able to quickly provide a fixed package.

As usual RPMs are available using the YUM repository

Changelog: Grsecurity changelogs can be found here: stable and test
spl/zfs gentoo-next diff are there: spl and zfs

Don't hesitate to contact me if you find any issue.