1. Rudder 3.2: Default group classes

    If you've followed the latest Rudder's release note, you've noted in 3.2 changelog - amongst other nice stuff - this new feature:

    • Add CFEngine classes for each group of a node

    Now in Rudder 3.2 …

  2. Speed up Rudder new node's detection - 2016 Update

    In my previous article, I was proposing a way to update the new inventory list sent to Rudder more quickly.
    Upon upgrading to Rudder 3.2 and CentOS 7 at the same time, this was …

  3. Introducing g2rudder

    Accessing a REST API without the proper tools is often bothersome, especially when you only have a shell and curl at hand - like in a kickstart %post part - and parsing JSON replies or building parameters …

  4. EL6 extras update and new package: Nginx and Nginx-modsecurity

    • Nginx - 1.8.0
      • Update to new stable release
      • Enable http_auth_request_module
      • Compile with GCC 4.9.1 from devtoolset-3
    • Nginx-modsecurity - 1.8.0
      • Update to new stable release
      • Enable http_auth_request_module
      • Add modsecurity module - 2.9 …

  5. Git replication: Part 1 - The poor man's way

    There's a lot of ressources about that on the web, it's a well covered topic already.
    Still I wanted to give out my own way of keeping Git repositories synchronized.

    Main features:
    • It's cheap :)
    • It …

  6. EL6 extras updates: Nginx, Uwsgi and GeoIP

    As usual, you can install the package using my el6_extras repository, and feel free to contact me if you encounter any issues.