New package - tinc 1.0.25

I've been suprised to see that EPEL wasn't providing any init script for their tinc package.
Here's a version with an init script and PIE/Full RELRO support.

  • Tinc - 1.0.25
    • Version update - from EPEL
    • Provide an init script and sysconfig file
    • Compile with the usual PIE and Full RELRO

One note about the init script. The goal of the script is to support multiple networks just like tinc does.
In order to do so, you have to create a symbolic link of the init script matching your network name ln -s /etc/init.d/tinc /etc/init.d/tinc.xxxx

If you need to have different options - like enabling debug - or key size on this network, copy the sysconfig file with the network name suffix cp /etc/sysconfig/tinc /etc/sysconfig/tinc.xxxx

So as usual, you can install the package using my el6_extras repository, and feel free to contact me if you encounter any issues.