He is a list of repositories i maintain. These packages come without any warranty.

Alpine Linux

Contains Grsecurity test patch with pretty much all options enabled - RAP included.
x86_64 packages only.

Install repos-mauras-ch package first to get signing key and repo list to get packages available from apk

apk add --allow-untrusted repos-mauras-ch-1.0-r0.apk
apk update


These repositories are not maintained anymore but SRPMS are still available for history and documentation.

EL6 Extras

This repository contains extra packages for EL6 that are not supported/outdated/incorrect compilation flags in EPEL.
x86_64 only.


This repository contains Grsecurity Kernel and tools for EL6.
x86_64 only, integrate zfs kernel module.


Updated qemu and libvirt packages for EL6.
x86_64 only.
Main features:

- Support Ceph and Glusterfs from official repos
- Reduced dependancies to minimum
- Not dependant of HAL and DBUS - Removed pm-utils dep

Openvswitch package for EL6.

- This package is provided using my grsecurity kernel-test in mind so it doesn't provide openvswitch module and thus won't work on an EL6 using default kernel.