1. Update: Nginx + Uwsgi + Cgit


    Steeve Chailloux notified me that this howto wasn't updated to the latest release of the uwsgi package that now have all modules as plugins.
    You should read the following:

    Install the packages

    Now that …

  2. Nginx + Uwsgi + Cgit

    As you've seen in my previous post, there's been some package updates in the EL6 Extras repository, so let's have some fun with them!

    First you indeed need my EL6 Extras repository if it's not …

  3. EL6 Extras updates

    I've been quite slow to keep up with updates for the last 3 months.
    Here's a bunch of updates:

    • Nginx - Update to latest stable release 1.4.7
    • Uwsgi