1. Securing Consul

  2. New package - Consul 0.4.1

    A package addition to my el6_extras repository.

    • Consul - 0.4.1

    As usual, you can install the package using my el6_extras repository, and feel free to contact me if you encounter any issues.

  3. New package - tinc 1.0.25

    I've been suprised to see that EPEL wasn't providing any init script for their tinc package.
    Here's a version with an init script and PIE/Full RELRO support.

    • Tinc - 1.0.25
      • Version update - from …

  4. Grsecurity update - 3.14.28-100

    • 3.14.28-100
      • Update to grsecurity-3.0-3.14.28-201501120819
        Diff from the previous version on my Git repo

    Sorry being slow during the holidays :)


    At least on some servers - CPU related ? - pcid detection is …

  5. Grsecurity update - 3.14.22-100

    • 3.14.22-100
      • Update to grsecurity-3.0-3.14.22-201410250026
        Diff from the previous version on my Git repo

    This version fixes several KVM issues


    It appears that pcid detection is broken on latest 3 …

  6. Qemu, libvirt and tmux updates

    I had not updated my virt repository for more than a year now... Mostly because i had not needed to.
    Here's two major updates today!

    • Qemu - 2.1.2
      • Compiled against ceph-0.80 and glusterfs-3 …