1. Git replication: Part 2 - Now you can scale

    In my Part 1 - which I know is already more than a year old now - we saw that we could make it very …

  2. Git replication: Part 1 - The poor man's way

    There's a lot of ressources about that on the web, it's a well covered topic already.
    Still I wanted to give out my own way of keeping Git repositories synchronized.

    Main features:
    • It's cheap :)
    • It …

  3. Easy git access control - Part 2 - more granularity

    In my previous post i talked about how to easily manage write permissions on a git repository.
    As i said, the script could easily be extented to provide more granularity.
    Here comes an improved version …

  4. Easy git access control

    Basic access to a git repository is fairly easy.
    You specify --shared when initializing your bare repository, chgrp <your group> to the repository directory and your done. Now everyone in <your group> has read and …