1. Introducing dns-blackhole

    So the other day I wanted to remove ads on my Android phone, but apparently you can't install extensions on Android chromium and I didn't feel like using Firefox for that.
    Since I use non …

  2. Speed up Rudder new node's detection - 2016 Update

    In my previous article, I was proposing a way to update the new inventory list sent to Rudder more quickly.
    Upon upgrading to Rudder 3.2 and CentOS 7 at the same time, this was …

  3. Unbound update - Now with pythonmodule!

    Unbound latest version - 1.4.22
    Notable differences:

    • Doesn't depend on ldns anymore - yum -y update unbound && yum -y remove ldns
    • Built with pythonmodule support

    Init script will populate chroot with your python2.6 directory …

  4. What's using swap

    If like me you're bored of looping over all /proc/<pid>/status files to find which application is actually using swap, here a tiny python script to ease the task.

    The script outputs a list …

  5. Easy git access control - Part 2 - more granularity

    In my previous post i talked about how to easily manage write permissions on a git repository.
    As i said, the script could easily be extented to provide more granularity.
    Here comes an improved version …

  6. Package addition in EL6 repo

    I've added some new packages in the EL6 extras repository

    • GeoIP 1.5.1
    • nginx 1.4.3
    • libyaml 0.1.4
    • PyYAML 3.10
    • uwsgi

    As usual please use the …